Ayman Rouhani’s Election / Selection to UHJ was predicted and Political.

4250 Hits on 30th April 2013
The Elections / Selection of Ayman Rouhani was predicted long back on Baha’i culture blog and also by Baha’is who are witnessing the politics played by UHJ. After the Election / Selection of Mr. Ayman Rouhani the Baha’i culture blog was hit by more than 4000 hits in one day. It was almost certain that after resignation / removal of Mr. Farzam Arbab, one Persian will be needed to fill his vacant post.

Mr. Ayman Rouhani was almost dragged to ITC given a prominent position. He was allowed to tour India, Malaysia, Cameroon, CIS and other countries to justify his future election on UHJ.

At present there are four Persians on UHJ. This is to attract the general Iranian population towards Baha’i Faith. THE FACT IS THAT EVERY OTHER COUNTRY MEN MAY GET ATTRACTED TOWARDS THIS FAITH EXCEPT IRAN.

Moreover Iranians moving closer to Baha’i Faith are having dual allegiance one towards UHJ and a stronger one towards Ahmadinejad!!!

There were three other Persian counselors along with Mr. Ayman Rouhani who were trying their luck to be elevated to UHJ. Mr. Foad Reyhani, Mr. Omid Seioshansian, and Mr. Jabbar Eidelkhani. But it was certain that Mr. Ayman Rouhani will win the race because of two reasons.

1. He was already on International Teaching Centre

2. His wife is Non Persian (Ms. Aliona a Georgian) which made UHJ think that Mr. Ayman’s Faith is more towards UHJ then Ahmadinejad.

So now another criterion is emerging for election / selection of ITC / UHJ that if you are a Persian Baha’i then selects a non Persian wife like Payman Mohajer and Ayman Rouhani. This will lead for UHJ think Tank to conclude that your allegiance is more towards UHJ and not towards Ahmadinejad. Otherwise you will be made a travel Teacher. See Mr. Burhanuddin Afshin and very soon Dr. Jabber Edilkhani will join him.

There was another ITC counselor from India Mr. Praveen Mallick who was also trying his luck to be on UHJ. But Mr. Mallick should note that the Persian Baha’is know that, Baha’i Faith is just a Bread and Butter and you have no relation whatsoever with Faith and Teachings of Baha’u’llah.


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